Blue Glass Set

Inhalation of H2O2

  • 50 ml blue glass bottle
  • Nasal spray-tip for inhalation
  • Glass pipet for oral dosing

My Tip:

  • Inhalation after Bill Munro 2 x daily
  • Pump-spray 10 x each into your mouth
  • At the same time breathe in deeply
  • Then exhale through the nose
  • This is how H2O2 can clean up the lungs
  • For acute illness inhale every 2 hours
  • Spray in the nose: start with 1% H2O2
  • Burning is uncomfortable but effective
  • Don`t spit out the H2O2 foam after inhaling
  • H2O2 works in the intestine against Helicobacter pylori
  • Always with you: on the plane / holidays / car …


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