Colon Hydro Set

Hippocrates: Death sits in the colon

  • Indispensable Do-it-yourself-tool for the liver-cleanse
  • 20 litres container: Water-quantity equivalent to 15 enemas
  • Enrich your water with zeolite / aloe / H2O2 / natron…

Easy colon-regeneration is now possible!

  • Home device for colonics
  • Using filtered / enriched water becomes now possible
  • Cost-efficient / self-responsible / time-saving
  • Frequent applications without any further costs

My Tip

  • Crustifications on the colon-walls don´t come off easy
  • Regeneration ONLY happens after intense cleansings
  • 2 colonics per day on 7 consecutive days
  • For best results: Up to 7 weekly cures per year


  • Colon-board 103 cm long x 55 cm wide
  • Stable construction made of polyethylene
  • Maximum body-weight 150 KG
  • Distance from the toilet till the wall min. 105 cm
  • + 20-Liter-container, BPA-Free
  • + Hose is food grade
  • + 2 x thin, flexible rectal tubes, BPA-Free
  • No returns for hygienic reasons


  • Hang / place container as high as possible
  • Min. 1,5 m above the Toilet
  • Ideally mount a permanent hook below the ceiling
  • Fill the container with filtered + enriched water
  • Ideal water-temperature in the container is 39°- 41° (hand-test)
  • Cold water ist never recommended
  • Don´t add coffee because of pestizides
  • Add zeolite / aloe / H2O2 / natron / herbal tees etc.


  • Lift toilet lid and toilet seat !!!
  • Place the insert of the board into the toilet bowl
  • The chair should be a little higher then the toilet
  • Close the clamp + fill the tube with water
  • Connect the rectal tube on the end with the sleeve
  • Push the rectal tube through the whole of the board
  • Make sure the sleeve sits firmly in the whole
  • Place a padding + towel on the board + use a pillow for the head
  • Rest your legs on the board / toilet tank or 2 lateral stools
  • Insert the rectal tube with vaseline into the rectum
  • Get in a comfortable position for 45 minutes
  • Open the clamp + let the 20 liters run through the colon
  • Self-massage or stick magnets on the colon
  • Push out water + excrements as often as you want
  • With every emptying more water can run into the colon
  • You can also turn left / right / sit up etc.
  • The rectal tube stays in the rectum for the whole sequence
  • Water + excrements are pressed past the rectal tube
  • In case you push out the rectal tube simply replace it
  • Clean the board afterwards in your shower
  • Desinfection of the rectal tube with grapeseed-extract or similar


Look into Book


Look into Book