Door Tool

Perfect access to the upper spine

  • Adjustment of dorsal vertebrae and C7
  • For best pressure even in this area
  • Material: cherrywood + high-tech-clamps


  • Search for spots of pain along the upper spine
  • work systematically on all dorsal vertebrae and C7
  • Work along the middle line – right and left
  • Work as close as possible to the spinal process
  • Also work along the rib line aprox. 2 cm more outside
  • Always walk from up downwards with the spoon
  • Bend your knees and push your body slowly upwards
  • Make sure you are moving your spine during all exercises
  • Apply magnets for best regeneration after all exercises


  • The rails of the clamps are 40 cm long
  • They also fit to wide doors or posts
  • Search for a suitable door or post in your house
  • Ideally find a door you are not using
  • Here the door-tool could stay mounted longterm

!!! ATTENTION !!! Danger with permanent setup

  • Danger of injury with too long rails!
  • Mark the optimum length in case the rails are too long
  • Have the rails cutted by a professional locksmith
  • This prevents injuries by overlength of rails
  • Or you remove the door-tool after every use
  • Decide what is more practical in your case
  • Permanent setup is on your own risk
  • Made in Germany


Look into Book



  • Perfect start for your Spine-Therapy

    • DVD with all Spine-Exercises
    • 1 wooden spoon
    • 4 Magnetics effect + 100 stickers



    You save: 15 €

  • Tool for Spine-Therapy

    • Reset of all dislocated bones
    • Treatment of muscle injuries
    • Elimination of knots in the muscle fibers


  • Start your Magnetic Therapy

    • To stick on pain spots
    • 4 x MAGNETICS effect ®
    • 100 x dermatological stickers



    You save: 11 €

  • DVD

    DVD with spine-expert Angie Holzschuh

    • Total Regeneration of the Spine
    • Brand new exercises for adjusting the spine and joints
    • Many World Champions tell about their healing