H2O2 Book german

H2O2: The forgotten Healing

  • Suppressed knowledge of the H2O2 Pioneers
  • Successful use for many diseases
  • Destroys pathogenic bacteria, virus, fungus, spores…

Exciting topics:

  • Non-toxic desinfection and healing of wounds
  • Diseases of the skin and mucous
  • Inhalation: bronchitis, larynx, pharynx, tonsils, asthma
  • TBC, diphtheria, cough, runny nose, flu, malaria
  • Mouthwash, teeth, gums, mucous, oral thrush
  • Gastrointestinal tract: Oral ingestion diluted in water
  • Cancer, Leukemia
  • Depression, alcoholism, headache
  • Enema, vaginal irrigation, infusions
  • Bathtub, footbath
  • Plants, animals
  • Air purification, drinking water
  • Cleaning, desinfection, elimination of odors

My tip:

  • Cleaning / desinfection of the house / garden
  • Destroys pathogenic bacteria, virus, fungus, spores…
  • Anaerobic microorganisms can´t survive in oxygen
  • Deep cleaning / never again mold!
  • Ceilings, walls, floors, windows, mirrors, bathroom, kitchen, air
  • Annoying ants finally stay away…
  • Protect plants and pets against parasites


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