6 Handy Chips

Transformatory Sacred Geometry

  • Protection from handy-radiation and e-smog
  • Reduces head-temperature during phone calls
  • Water-revitalization, harmonization, clarity…

6 Chips with Sacred Geometry

  • 5-D hypercube derives from a crop circle
  • Stickers for all devices: Handy, Wi-fi, PC, TV…

My Tip:

  • Turn off your mobile and wi-fi at night
  • Avoid radiation wherever possible
  • Structure Converter to go for the car, office, travel…
  • My analyse with the Bioscan shows optimum values

Highly significant positive effect with Handy Chip

  • Images with thermal camera:
  • Image 1: Massive warming without Chip on a 4 minutes call
  • After another 4 minutes call: now with Chip
  • Image 2: Elevated temperature even decreases with Chip


  • High: 1 mm
  • Diameter: 26 mm
  • Light-weight: 17 g


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