Lumbar Pad

Ideal for low back pain

  • For pelvis / sacrum / lumbar spine
  • Skin-friendly Neopren / Coolmax towards the skin
  • Inside: Big magnet-plate Magnetics effect

How do MAGNETICS EFFECT help the body?

  • Circulation:
    The blood circulation is clearly improved by the magnetic field
  • Oxygen:
    The oxygen is increased up to 2.5 by the magnetic field
  • Deep relaxation of the muscles:
    Painfully hard muscles become soft and elastic again
  • Legal doping:
    Quicker cell regeneration leads to better performance

For more info check my book Finally Painfree!

User tip:

Maintenance of the magnets

  • MAGNETICS EFFECT are re-usable
  • Treat your magnets carefully, so they don´t break
  • Avoid bending and cracking the magnets
  • The magnets will show abrasion by often application
  • The outside material made of plastic rubber can break
  • Then the magnets should be replaced with new ones
  • Broken magnets are no reason for reclamation
  • The effect of the magnets still persists
  • Don´t expose to extreme temperatures above 70º
  • Cleaning with water and soap is possible


Vorschau Buch


Vorschau Buch