MAGNETICS effect ®

Recommended by World Champions

  • To stick on Pain spots
  • 2 x MAGNETICS effect ®
  • 20 x dermatological stickers

Positive effects of magnetic fields

  • Physical laws prove:
  • Oxygen level increases up to 7-times
  • Oxygen delivery to the cells is optimized
  • Cellular swelling is reversed
  • Agglomeration of erythrocytes is dissolved
  • Circulation is significantly improved
  • Dilation of the blood vessels
  • Results: Faster regeneration
  • Improved Performance / Legal Doping
  • Blood-effects caused by Lorentz-force / Hall-effect
  • Detailed information in »Finally Pain Free!« page 36 – 61

User Tip:

Fixing the magnets

  • Dermatological double-sided stickers by 3M
  • Pull off the square white protective paper
  • Stick the round Sticker to the backs of the magnet
  • Pull off the round protective paper on the handle
  • Stick the magnet on the skin
  • The stickers are transparent
  • The white protective paper was removed on both sides

Change the stickers carefully

  • MAGNETICS effect ® are permanent and re-usable
  • Treat your magnets carefully, so they don´t break
  • Avoid bending and cracking the magnets
  • You can stick up to 5 stickers on top of each other
  • To remove the used stickers handle with care
  • Roll off the glue-rests from the back of the magnet
  • The magnets will show abrasion by often application
  • The outside material made of plastic rubber can break
  • Then the magnets should be replaced with new ones
  • Broken magnets are no reason for reclamation
  • The effect of the magnets still persists

Maintenance of the magnets

  • The golden foil is just for decoration
  • The foil can scratch or come off by using
  • Even without golden foil the magnetic function persists
  • Renew the magnets for aesthetic reasons anytime
  • Don´t expose to extreme temperatures above 70º
  • Cleaning with water and soap is possible
  • Made in Germany


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