Magnetic Mat

Innovation for Prevention!

  • Developed by the physicist Rainer Holzschuh
  • Totally covered with high-end MAGNETICS effect ®
  • Special: NO magnetic field in the area of the lungs


  • Sleep at least 4 x per year 1 week on the mat
  • Agglomeration of red blood cells is dissolved
  • Improved circulation and levels of oxygen in the body
  • Delivery contains 1 free book with physical background

Positive effects of magnetic fields

  • Physical laws prove:
  • Oxygen level increases up to 7-times
  • Oxygen delivery to the cells is optimized
  • Cellular swelling is reversed
  • Agglomeration of erythrocytes is dissolved
  • Circulation is significantly improved
  • Dilation of the blood vessels
  • Results: Faster regeneration
  • Improved Performance / Legal Doping
  • Blood-effects caused by Lorentz-force / Hall-effect
  • Detailed information in »Finally Pain Free!« page 36 – 61

New shell fabric

  • Silver Protect: Anti-allergy coating
  • Anti-bacterial / anti-mold / anti-dust-mites
  • Made in Germany

Maintenance of Magnetic Mat

  • The Magnetic Mat is not washable
  • Cleaning outer fabric with water and soap is possible
  • Use a bedding sheet to protect the Magnetic Mat
  • Don´t expose to extreme temperatures above 70º

Look into Book


Look into Book


Look into Book


Look into Book