Structure Converter

Transformatory Sacred Geometry

  • Strong protection from e-smog and destructive energies
  • Extremely high vibration with consciousness-effect
  • Water-revitalization, harmonization, clarity…

3-D-Disk with Sacred Geometry

  • Contains silicium and 6 magnets on the primary spots
  • 5-D hypercube derives from a crop circle
  • High + dense vibration leading to higher consciousness
  • The Structure Converter has 6 meters distance effect

My Tip:

  • Turn off your mobile and wi-fi at night
  • Avoid radiation wherever possible
  • Structure Converter to go for the car, office, travel…
  • My analyse with the Bioscan shows optimum values


  • High: 6 mm
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Light-weight: 32 g

User Feedback:

  • Feelings of joy and effortlessness
  • Explicit pleasant and good feelings
  • A release process begins
  • Resonance with the source
  • Improved sports performance: Jogging…


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