100 Stickers

Best way to fix MAGNETICS effect ®

  • Ideal adhesion of the magnets on the skin
  • Skin-compatible materials by 3M
  • 100 x dermatological stickers

User Tip:

Fixing the magnets

  • Dermatological double-sided stickers by 3M
  • Pull off the square white protective paper
  • Stick the round Sticker to the backs of the magnet
  • Pull off the round protective paper on the handle
  • Stick the magnet on the skin
  • The stickers are transparent
  • The white protective paper was removed on both sides

Change the stickers carefully

  • MAGNETICS effect ® are permanent and re-usable
  • Treat your magnets carefully, so they don´t break
  • Avoid bending and cracking the magnets
  • You can stick up to 5 stickers on top of each other
  • To remove the used stickers handle with care
  • Roll off the glue-rests from the back of the magnet
  • The magnets will show abrasion by often application
  • The outside material made of plastic rubber can break
  • Then the magnets should be replaced with new ones
  • Broken magnets are no reason for reclamation
  • The effect of the magnets still persists


Look into Book



  • Perfect start for your Spine-Therapy

    • DVD with all Spine-Exercises
    • 1 wooden spoon
    • 4 Magnetics effect + 100 stickers



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  • Tool for Spine-Therapy

    • Reset of all dislocated bones
    • Treatment of muscle injuries
    • Elimination of knots in the muscle fibers


  • Start your Magnetic Therapy

    • To stick on pain spots
    • 4 x MAGNETICS effect ®
    • 100 x dermatological stickers



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  • DVD

    DVD with spine-expert Angie Holzschuh

    • Total Regeneration of the Spine
    • Brand new exercises for adjusting the spine and joints
    • Many World Champions tell about their healing