Wall Tool

For professional therapists

  • Useful for adjustments of pelvis and lumbar spine
  • Individual height regulation according to the patient
  • Stainless steel: Hygienic cleaning with alcohol

Instructions for wall installation

  • 1. Mounting the wall plate:
  • The lower edge of the plate has 70 cm distance to the floor
  • Mark the holes + drill the holes
  • We use 8 x 70 screws, but it depends on your wall
  • Fit the arm into the wall plate
  • Now the cushion is mounted according to optical symmetry
  • The back of the cushion contains a wooden plate
  • Screw 4 small spax-screws into the wooden plate
  • Made in Germany

The tool can be moved up / down according to the patient


  • The patient must stand upright and relaxed
  • Pushing the belly forward against the cushion
  • Pull shoulders backwards making a hollow back
  • The whole body leans through the belly into the cushion
  • Release all tension in the back
  • Make dynamic but relaxed movements with the leg
  • Stay relaxed and don´t tense your arms
  • Accept and admit the pain during the Therapy


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